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Hungarian physiologist in pursuit of fitness dream

Clad in a black leather jacket that highlighted his athletic figure, Ruben Alaverdo breezed into a coffee shop in Bao’an District with a smile on his face

British educator: early-education benefits kids

For parents who are still sitting on the fence about sending their kids to preschool at an early age, Fabiana Drew, a British expert on early-education, offers a positive answer

Turkish chef sees potential in local F&B market

Birol Dincli, who claims fruitful achievements in the food and beverage industry, recently quit his well-paying job at a five-star hotel to try and forge his own brand

Teacher hopes for better kindergarten education

Robin Phipps, a 27-year-old English teacher currently working in a training center, has been living in Shenzhen for four years.

American CEO: emotional response essential in marketing

In today’s ever-changing society, tactics and trends are always shifting but the one thing that remains unchanged is the human capacity for feeling and emotion, Sean Davis, CEO of ITTIZ, believes.

Israeli entrepreneur thrives in Shenzhen

Meir S Simhi, a Jewish entrepreneur who does online business and runs an e-commerce training program in Shenzhen, is thriving on helping other businesses.

Czech devoted to building an ecosystem for startups

When Jan Smejkal came from the Czech Republic to study at Peking University HSBC Business School in Shenzhen three years ago, he didn’t know anybody.

Therapy in SZ not for the faint of hear

In a city abuzz with entrepreneurial endeavors, intrapersonal matters are scarcely mentioned.

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